Ru En

Non-destructive testing

Training complex AVICON-11T

For learning and practicing of skills at removable flaw detectors according to technologies of the inspection rails and decrypting defectograms

  • checkup and attestation of operators’ knowledge and skills with annual estimate;

  • two education modes: “Education” and “Exam”;

  • imitation of rail inspection process installed in the rail track;

  • simulated defect situations during rail inspection on the way  at foot and checking correct operator actions;

  • education process practically does not differ from operation with the flaw detector en-rout;

  • display rail track with elements of bolted and welded joints, point machines, kilometer and miles stones;

  • more than 800 objects in base (defects, constructive deflectors and e.t.c.);

  • practicing of operating skills on dismountable ultrasonic flaw detectors for complete rail inspection;

  • virtual gate and searching defects at real signals in fact of B-scan;

  • inspection modes: A-scan, A+B-scan on single channel, signals on the rail cross section, B-scan on all channels;

  • allow to detect and estimate defect parameters;

  • examination protocol with indication all operator’s mistakes;

  • supplied with manual probes, sample for setting, two batteries, spare parts, display program signals for PC.