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Association of creators of the avionics systems Radioavionica was established in September 1991 at the initiative of some largest industrial and scientific enterprises of the electronic and aviation industries in CIS and with the support of the City Hall of Saint-Petersburg. In February 1993 the Association was reorganized into an open joint stock company (JSC). October Railway and a number of banks were among the co-founders of the new structure.

At the first stage the efforts were concentrated on developing the non-destructive testing equipment and multifunction avionic systems. Nowadays the main activities of company are: 

Non-destructive testing: highly informative and high speed flaw detector cars, double-line flaw detectors for railway, mobile flaw detectors for inspection of welded joints and rail sections, software and hardware of non-destructive testing for collection, saving and analyzing inspection reports using flaw detectors and e.t.c.  More than 1000 flaw detectors were supplied to Russian, Kazakh and Azerbaijani railways.

Interlocking systems: modern electronic system are provided to control the train movement based on fail safe control computer systems of microprocessor-based interlocking and microprocessor-based auto blocking. Our systems could be implemented on small, average and big-scale stations (terminals and sidings) for organization the train movement under high level of safety.

Radioavionica JSC has the high reputation in Russian and European business areas and indicated by different international awards. The company is included in the rating of the fastest growing European companies in the advanced technology sector - European Technology Fast 500.

The main role in the company is played high qualified specialists who have the experience in designing of complicated electronic devices.

There are 5 professors and 25 Ph.D. among the companies’ specialists. A number of the lead specialists of the company have high scientific reputation and maintain close relations with biggest universities of Saint-Petersburg: Baltic State Technical University (Voenmech), State Transport University, Electrotechnical University "LETI", State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, State University of Economics, ITMO University. Radioavionica JSC takes part in different Russian and International exhibitions, specialists make the reports on different conferences and sessions.

Education center of advanced technology on Railway transport was established under the auspices of the company for acceleration training and retraining of specialists for the introduction of new equipment.

Radioavionica JSC has the complex of the scientific and technical laboratories where could be carried out the whole process of R&D.  Production and technological complex is placed in separate building and equipped with advanced facilities (technological, metrological and logistical).

The control of manufactured products is realized using modern information technologies. Management system meets the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011, GOST RV 0015-002-2012 and IRIS.