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Non-destructive testing

Installation for input inspection of rails AVICON-11RSP/VS

Designed for input inspection of the used rails along all section (including rail foot blades)

On rail plants:

  • Yaroslav”, North railway;

  • Tihorezk, North-Kuakas railway;

  • Station Promishlennaya, East-Siberia railway.

  • Moscow, Oktyabrskaya.


Equipment consists of:

  • ultrasonic inspection system with encoder;

  • ultrasonic multichannel unit;

  • pneumatic drive and stationary rack;

  • computer with LCD display.

Function possibilities:

  • 100% inspection of all rails section;

  • operation of equipment using computer;

  • semi-automatic signals adjustment;

  • saving inspection results in database;

  • 17 ultrasonic channels, 3 inspection  methods (echo-, mirror, mirror-shadow);

  • inspection of the railhead by schemes “RHOMBUS” and “70”;

  • inspection of rail foot blades by echo-and mirror modes;

  • decrypting of signals by B-scan in real-time on large display and with high sensitivity

  • display information modes: inspection signals on the rail section, B-scan on all channels, A+B-scan on channel;

  • manual testing by probes of the separate sections with signals registration;

  • operation 24/7;

  • life time expectancy – 8 years.