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Non-destructive testing

Flaw detector complex based on flaw detector AVICON-02R/PC

Complex is designed for ultrasonic inspection in plant conditions:

  • Flash welded rail joints;

  • Separate rail sections;

  • Other metal goods.

Distinctive features:

  • special software;

  • ultrasonic methods: echo-, mirror and mirror-shadow;

  • semi-automatic inspection adjustment;

  • maximum scanning time – 800mks;

  • maximum depth of ultrasonic testing (into steel by longitudinal wave) – 2300 mm;

  • simultaneous and separate display of the signals in terms  of A and B-scan on large display;

  • display and registration signals with nominal  (0 dB) and high (12 dB) levels of sensitivity;

  • multi-level recording of the signals amplitude and color shading of registered signals amplitude;

  • precise measuring of defects parameters by A+B – scan;

  • automatic generation base of inspection protocols on PC;

  • entering electronic information database directly from keyboard or display (if complex supplied with sensor display);

  • transfer inspection protocols and passports  to common server of plant.