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Non-destructive testing

Equipment for welding plant MIG-UKSM/RSP

Automatic inspection of the welded joints on railway plants

MIG-UKSM/RSP is installed on rail plants:

  • Moscow;

  • Azerbaijani Republic;

  • Libya.

Distinctive features:

  • all function possibilities of flaw detector MIG-UKSM;

  • high capacity (3 min. per one joint);

  • pneumatic clamp all 5 acoustic units to the rail (by pushing one button);

  • ultrasonic inspection welded joint along across the whole rail section (including rail foot blades);

  • receiving of the inspection document of each joint;

  • 108 automatic channel and 9 manual inspection channels;

  • 3 methods NDT (echo-, mirror, delta);

  • temperature indication of welded joint;

  • vailability of the information help to operator;

  • display inspection results: rail section defect, A- and B-scan;

  • analyze scanning results of the welded rail joints with high and nominal sensitivity (-6 dB and 0 dB);

  • recording of inspection results in the flaw detector with possibility to  transfer  them to computer and print the protocol;

  • testing of the performance of the flaw detectors parts;

  • operating temperature from 0 to +50°C.