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Non-destructive testing

Portable flaw detector AVICON-02R

Simple and user-friendly flaw detector for manual inspection in field and plant conditions:

  • separate rail sections;

  • welded rail joints;

  • responsible metal products.


  • semi-automatic sensitivity adjustment;

  • integrated testing programs of the separate rail sections and zones;

  • modes: A-scan, B-scans, screen-shorts;

  • recording of the inspection results;

  • inspection of the flash and aluminothermy welded rail joints;

  • defectograms recording (B-scan) by any channel;

  • possibility of connect stick with encoder (by separate order);

  • data transfer to PC, printing of inspection report;

  • possibility of testing wide range of the metal goods.

AVICON-02R/PC – new functions of flaw-detector due to connect PC with special software;

  • display signal on large touch sensor screen;

  • color shading of registered signals amplitude;

  • convenient measurement of the defects parameters;

  • inspection protocol preparation;

  • database creation.