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Non-destructive testing

Single-line ultrasonic flaw detector AVICON-12

Ideally suitable for rail tracks of the industrial plants, track switches, station lines, bridges, tunnels, approach lines, crane tracks, for confirmed testing

  •  function possibilities correspond to flaw detector AVICON-11 (for 1 rail);
  • 12-channel ultrasonic scheme (00, 420, 580, 700);

  • inspection of both railhead side by echo-and mirror methods (“ROMBUS+”-method);

  • multi-level signals registration;

  • real-time displaying of B-scan with high sensitivity;

  • possible modes: Mnemonics, B-scan by all channels, A+B scan (single-channel mode);

  • wide possibilities to analyze inspection signals in the display program;

  • detailed inspection report;

  • 6 manual ultrasonic channels for clarifying defect sections;

  • light weight and overall dimensions;

  • operating temperature  from -40 to +50.