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Non-destructive testing

Dual-line flaw detector AVICON-31

The latest model of intellectual flaw detector

  • new unit of inspection and indication CDU-31;

  • color display 8”;

  • touch control;

  • reliable digital communication;


  • microphone, video camera;

  • IP54, low level of power consumption;

  • new of ultrasonic multi-channel unit UMU-3204;

  • availability of 32 inspection channels;

  • several ultrasonic frequencies;

  • possibility to connect the scanner.

Innovation functions

Work preparation

  • Registration of the setting process by test unit (CO-3P);

  • Check up of probe’s efficiency;

  • Several ultrasonic inspection schemes;

  • Improved frame (by 11 points) and increased reliability of elements and units;

  • Connect of sliding systems and wheel inspection systems.

Searching defects

  • Big color display with possibility signals decoding on-route;

  • Automatic signal decoding on-route and reporting to operator;

  • Magnification of signals in mode “Bolt hole”;

  • Automatic increasing of sensitivity in bolted joint zone;

  • Inspection of defects under the rail surface and evaluation of damage’s sizes using special scanner;

  • Manual transducers 2.5 and 5 MHz.

Technologies performance

  • Possibility of quality record due to constant monitoring of signals on B-scan;

  • Quality evaluation of flaw detector settings directly during inspection (by regular reflectors);

  • Operator warning of approaching flaw section (preliminary transfer from database);

  • Inspection of acoustic contact under each probes;

  • Recording GPS-coordinate;

  • Registration of inspection speed

  • Registration of air temperature.


  • Recording of the separate photos, videos, and signal comments with linking to track coordinate;

  • Automatic decrypting;

  • Automatic searching of not inspected sections;

  • Possibility of data transmission using network operators;

  • Wireless data transfer as well from track line;

  • From -12 dB to +18dB - signal registration concerning to operating.