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Non-destructive testing

Single-line flaw detector USK-004R with micro crack detection

Flaw detector with detection and evaluation micro cracks in the railhead (defects type “Head checking”)

Jointed development with MAV KFV kft (Hungary)

  • effective for the rail defects detection, including micro cracks type “HC”, developing in area “rail-wheel”;
  • 10 channel ultrasonic scheme (0°, 45°, 70°, special sensors “HC”), echo- and mirror-shadow methods;
  • special algorithm processing and displaying signals from defects “HC” on gauge and field sides of the railhead;
  • complete registration and multi-level display signals;
  • storing of the inspection results in memory stick  according to complete B-scan;
  • large (10”) color touch sensor display;
  • A-scan and B-scan display with defect-detecting possibility at noise background and regular reflectors;
  • preview of the defectograms with high sensitivity for detecting defects at early stage;
  • recording GPS coordinate.