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Non-destructive testing

Combined flaw detector car AVICON-03M with enhanced functionality

Complex reliable inspection up to 250 km of the rail track during one inspection with speed of up to 60 kmh based on 4 non-destructive inspection systems.


Ultrasonic inspection 

  • electro drive of moving up/down measure;

  • remote operating of inspection sliding device;

  • 24-channel patented ultrasonic scheme (0°, 42°, 58°, 70°);

  • contact-free (magnetic) alignment of inspection sliding system;

  • possibility of quickly remote activities (operating/settings);

  • availability of 3 ultrasonic methods (echo-, mirror, mirror-shadow);

  • signals registration via 3 mm by length and via 1 mm by height of rail;

  • signals analysis on 8-amplitued levels;

  • defects detection an early stage;

  • detailed inspection protocol sending by GPRS from the car.

High performance magnetic channel 

  • flaw detector trolley with magnetizing system on wheelsets axles;

  • powerful stable magnetic flux in a rail (not less 9 mWb);

  • detection of the rail breaks and critical defects with depth up to 8 mm at any climatic conditions (from -40° to +50°C) and speed of up to 70kmh;

  • differentiation of  the internal defects and surface damages;

  • exact data linking of signals to rail track (with accuracy to sleeper + odometer+ GPS).


Video registration of rail track and rail infrastructure  

  • availability of 6 color video cameras (3 for each rail);

  • availability of 6 reviews video cameras (infrastructure facilities);

  • synchronization of  video frame with flaw detector signals with accuracy up to 1 mm;

  • surface defects detection with measurement of dimensions;

  • analysis of the rail’s condition, braces, bolted and welded rail joints, track switches;

  • possibility of video monitoring facilities of rail infrastructure;

  • economical flash lighting;

  • exact frames at any work conditions.

Measurement of short irregularities of rail surface 

  • 4  micromechanical accelerometers - gyrosxopes (on axle nodes of trolley);

  • measurement the short vertical irregularities (on base 1m);

  • sensors of the linear movements;

  • exact synchronization with inspection signals and cameras;

  • automatic detection of surface irregularities with an inspection report. 



  • automatic defining track switches, bolted and welded rail joints;

  • automatic measurement of the dimensions jointed gaps with defining non-normative gaps;

  • contactless measurement temperatures of rails and joint gaps for forecast the condition of rail lengths.